BioCalcium, natural calcium for children and pregnant women

Calcium deficiency is a major problem from most modern people.

According to the WHO statistics, 6-7 people out of 10 do not receive adequate amount of calcium with food intake because only about 20-30% of calcium is absorbed from food and the level of calcium absorption decreases with age. With poor calcium content coming from food, it starts being washed out from bones. Therefore, calcium deficiency results in osteoporosis – a disease making bones lose their density and strength; they become brittle and can be easily broken. The hair, nails and all the organs where calcium plays vital role also suffer. More than 150 various diseases are related to calcium deficiency.

Accordingly, the sufficient calcium intake is required at all states of life. In the beginning to promote bone growth, then – for preserving bode density, later on – for preventing bone loss. Also, calcium is heavity used by the body during physical exercise and stress. Extra calcium intake is recommended to pregnant and lactating women, sportsmen and patients for recovery after bone-related trauma.

Calcium plays an important role in the human body.

Builds healthy bones and teeth

Calcium along with phosphorus are the key building materials for formation and support of healthy bones and teeth.
Regulates blood pressure

Together with magnesium, potassium and sodium, calcium regulates proper blood pressure.
Supports hair and nail growth

Calcium is used in the biogenesis of carotene protein that forms hair and nails.
Takes part in central nervous system function

Calcium is required for nervous system impulse transmission by activating enzymes that are used in synthesis of neurotransmitters.
Regulates contraction of muscle and heart

Calcium regulates muscle contraction including heart beat coordination.
Supports digestive system

Calcium enables synthesis and activation of many enzymes and hormones which take part in digestion, creating of saliva, fat and energy metabolism.
Ailavita BioCalcium is a natural source of bioavailable calcium.

Ailavita BioCalcium is a unique supplement made of calcium hydroxyapatite. Hydroxyapatite is the basic mineral constituent of the bone structure. Bovine and human bones have identical mineral structure and biologically incompatible organic part (proteins). Our product is produced from bovine bones using a unique chemical-free technology. All of the organic components are removed, leaving only the mineral structure – hydroxyapatite. This material is fully absorbed by the body and is immediately used for the bone tissue formation with no extra biochemical reactions needed. By means of the bone tissue formation the calcium level in the body is replenished. First thing that our clients notice is the improved condition of hair and nails.

Ideal alternative to common calcium supplements.

The bioavailability of pure hydroxyapatite is 2.5 times higher than that of calcium carbonate – commonly sold calcium supplement. Moreover, hydroxyapatite does not irritate the gastrointestinal tract, and its kidney excretion is reduced to minimum. It is a very important advantage, as the calcium settled in kidneys can often cause kidney stones. Aside from an individual intolerance, the hydroxyapatite-based supplements have no contraindications and side effects typical to other calcium supplements, such as excess gas and constipation. Our chemical-free technology also provides hypoallergenic properties of Ailavita BioCalcium.

There is only one very expensive analogue of our product in the world.

The Swiss company Geistlich produces the filler material Bio-Oss, which is widely used in dentistry. This material is a pure form hydroxyapatite and it is made by way of chemical stripping of protein from bovine bone. The final product is identical to Ailavita BioCalcium both in terms of biochemical and physical properties. However, it costs UAH 3,000 for 0.5 grams which is 150 times more expensive than our product. Thanks to our technology, we produce hydroxylapatite as a nutrition supplement at an affordable price.

Take 2-3 caps of Ailavita BioCalcium at mealtimes
* % DV = Percent daily value
Serving size Calcium content % DV*
Children under 10 years of age 1 capsule 500 mg 60%
Adults and children over 10 years of age 2 capsules 1000 mg 100%
Pregnant and breastfeeding women 3 capsules 1500 mg 100%
Product fully certified in Ukraine.

Кальцій в організмі людини:

1. Зуби і кістки: головна функція макроелементу – функція структурного матеріалу, створення і підтримка повноцінних зубів і кісток. В складі кісткової тканини кальцій міститься у двох формах: вільній та зв’язаній. Якщо резерви мінеральної речовини у вільній формі виснажені, кальцій добувається із кісток для підтримання його рівня в крові. Кожен рік на 20% відбувається оновлення кісток в організмі дорослої людини.

2. Скорочення м’язової тканини: кальцій сприяє впливу на скорочення м’язів і, діючи на серцевий м’яз, координує серцебиття.

3. ЦНС: необхідний для передачі нервових імпульсів, активуючи дію ферментів, які беруть участь у синтезі нейромедіаторів.

4. Серцево-судинна система: разом з магнієм, калієм, натрієм кальцій регулює тиск крові.

5. Система крові: підсилює дію вітаміну К (протромбін), який є основним фактором нормального згортання крові.

6. Клітинні мембрани: кальцій впливає на проникнення мембран, необхідний для транспортування поживних речовин та інших з’єднань крізь клітинні мембрани, а також з метою укріплення з’єднаних тканин клітин.

7. Інші функції: сприяє зміцненню імунної системи, синтезу і активізації багатьох ферментів та гормонів (спричиняє десенсибілізаційні та протизапальні дії на функцію ендокринних залоз), які беруть участь у травленні їжі, синтезі слини, жировому обміні та метаболізмі енергії.