About Us

Story of success.

We draw our scientific inspiration from Aleksandra Kudriasheva. She is a famous researcher, inventor and an expert in the fields of food balance therapy, orthomolecular medicine, biological, food and environmental safety, academician, professor, doctor of Biology and Medicine.

The new biotechnology of amino acid production from yeast without toxic chemical substances was developed by Aleksandra Kudriasheva back in 1986. For the first time in history Kudriasheva managed to develop an environmentally friendly technology of extraction of the most vital substances in a pristine unaltered state from a living cell. She called them natural bio-correctors. They are able to correct and support most of the processes in the human body.

Aleksandra Kudriasheva started her studies after she was diagnosed with cancer. She found her answers in the Nature. She managed to extract natural healing substances contained in yeast that can work for the benefit of humankind. With her own example Alexandra proved that oncology is not a death sentence.

The author and inventor of Ailavita is still in good health today. Kudriasheva herself insisted that the product she created 30 years ago be refined thanks to advanced new technologies and be finally produced to benefit millions of people.

A.Kudriasheva, academician
Titular member of the United Nations International Academy of Information, International Civic Academy of Environmental Safety and Nature Management, and New York Academy of Science. In 1999 she was given a title “Distinguished scholar of XX century in the field of biosciences” (England, Cambridge).
Our mission.
We aim to give every person an opportunity to protect and restore their health using natural, scientifically-proven methods.
Our philosophy.

We believe that there are natural self-healing mechanisms in the human body.

In order to engage all the healing mechanisms the body needs to get a full complex of necessary nutrients.

Various diseases are caused by failure of natural metabolic processes and are connected to unhealthy diet – there are more and more processed, contaminated by toxic chemicals food products in our stores.

We believe in disease prevention through healthy diet.

We believe in science as a tool for searching natural sources of healing power.

We use advanced technologies to extract vital nutrients and to preserve their original structure and useful properties.

Ailavita products are produced ONLY from natural sources and ingredients. No chemicals at all. We deliberately do not add any flavouring additives, preservatives or any other agents unnatural to the human body.

We offer our clients only those products which we use ourselves and give to our children without any hesitation.